Monday, June 21, 2010

Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1979-11-22 Cascade Room at the Knickerbocker

AKA Double Trouble - Nashville 1978
Recorded at Jack "Cowboy " Clement's home studio - nov79

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1. You Can Have My Husband
2. Rude Mood
3. Pride And Joy
4. Oh, Yeah
5. Love Struck Baby
6. Tina Nina Nu
7. Empty Arms
8. Will My Man Be Home Tonight?
9. bI'm Cryin'
10. Sugar Coated Love

11. Dirty Pool - from "Feathers"
12. Jam 292 - from "Force of Nature II" disc 1
13. Lenny - "Force of Nature II" disc 2
14. Superstition - "Music Hall"
15. Testify - "Texas Flood," Seattle, WA
w/ Jackie Newhouse and Lou Ann Barton


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